GIRL IN THE BASEMENT Full Movie Explanation

Today I’m going to explain the thriller crime movie called girl in the basement

The story starts with our protagonist sarah and her father dawn rushing marie to the hospital because she has trouble breathing sarah starts panicking when marie stops breathing she urges dawn to drive faster when they reach the hospital don specifically instructs sarah to stay quiet in the hospital the paramedics rush to help marie they give her oxygen and try to save her life but all they get is a flat heart line on the monitor the story goes back 20 years earlier to a seemingly idyllic family dinner scene sarah and her sister amy are having dinner with their parents don and irene the mood on the table changes as sarah’s father shows his oppressive side not allowing her to go to a party and showing his reign over the family that night sarah sneaks out with her boyfriend chris her parents later discover her room empty and her father refers to her as a problem at the party sarah has fun dancing with chris who later sings her a song he wrote especially for her they express their love for each other and kiss sarah comes home in the morning don has been waiting for her all night they fight

Sarah says that the moment she turns 18 she will leave the family for good Sarah talks to her mother and sister about her plans to travel all around the country while working to support herself her dad overhears the conversation and goes to the basement where he reveals the existence of a secret room behind a bookshelf three months later Sarah graduates in a conversation Sarah has with her mom it is revealed that her father has been spending more time in the basement his man cave when irene leaves the house don tricks Sarah into the basement as she helps him carry a box there he takes her into the secret room telling her it is a bomb shelter made by the previous owner

He locks her in the room and she screams in panic calling for help unfortunately nobody can hear her as the shelter is soundproof her mother worried about her whereabouts calls the police on the fourth day her father visits her and coldly explains the logistics of her captivity from now on she will have to earn everything she gets even the clean ventilated air before he leaves don is taking advantage of Sarah a cop visits the family saying that she has likely left for her planned long trip across the country her mother does not believe that Sarah would ever leave home without saying goodbye especially before her 18th birthday alone and afraid Sarah reminisces about her night spent with Chris as the days go by Chris comes to the house don lies to him and tells him that after graduation Sarah ran away with her childhood neighbor steve on the 21st day of captivity in the basement

she celebrates her 18th birthday and her dad brings her a cake and a red nightgown as a gift she asks for a clock and he tells her that she has to do something for him so that he does something for her when she disobeys him he beats her almost a year after her captivity she is revealed to be pregnant and her water breaks all alone she gives birth to a girl named marie four years later sarah is pregnant again don lives a secret double live one with his wife irene and daughter amy and another in the basement with sarah and her daughter marie still worried about the whereabouts of sarah irene wants to hire a private investigator but don firmly says no as a gift for being good don brings a tv in the basement for sarah and marie later on sarah has a second baby a baby boy michael one night sarah makes her terrifying life story into a bedtime story filled with princesses and nights that she tells to her kids chris visits the house again asking around for sarah her sister amy tells him the truth realizing that don lied to chris they talk about how horrible he has always been to sarah amy is afraid that dawn might have killed her citing his personality and bad temper in the past to make the time go by sarah creates imaginary adventures for her children to help them forget the outside world in the meantime don is confronted with his lies by amy and irene a horrible fight ensues furious irene yells that she’ll do everything in her power to find her daughter during their fight don drops his keys on the armchair amy takes the keys and goes around to the basement to look for clues don finds her gets his keys back and fights with amy she is mad afraid and blames him for causing sarah’s disappearance as time passes by sarah has another baby boy who she names thomas being nice and calm sarah convinces dawn to take the third baby upstairs she persuades him by explaining that there is no room for another baby in the basement and that she doesn’t have the time to take care of it the baby is left on the house’s porch to be found by irene in a heartfelt note in the baby basket seemingly written by sarah

she writes that this is her baby and that she wants it to be raised by irene in the letter she explains that she and her boyfriend don’t have the means to take care of the baby in the basket there is also another note from sarah pleading for help unfortunately don is the one who discovers it and assaults her again the years go by in captivity the children develop an extraordinary imagination expanding their mom’s bedtime story by now sarah has been in the basement for 14 years marie has grown into a beautiful young girl that one night tries out makeup when dawn shows interest in her beauty sarah begs dawn to leave her daughter alone she does not want her to be assaulted in return vaughn shuts down the power which controls the clean air while gasping for air marie expresses her concerns about never meeting anyone and having no friends throughout the conversation we realize that marie has no idea that don is both her grandfather and father now groan thomas finds his grandmother crying in his mother’s bedroom irene misses her daughter and talks to thomas about how magnificent sarah is at the same time in the basement raindrops start dropping from the ceiling sarah climbs up to discover a damp roof using a spoon she digs her way to the surface where she flashes a distressed signal a neighbor notices it and tells dawn about it rather than checking it out dawn beats sarah who is pregnant again the beating causes her to lose her baby as she sobs from the pain sarah has a stillbirth and dawn buries the baby in the yard don goes to the basement and complains he also praises thomas who is now a strong athlete when marie and michael ask when they are going to be led into the outside world don blames sarah in her bad behavior she is the reason they are down there trapped pressured by her children’s endless questions about their life in a fit of rage sarah shouts and demolishes all their furniture exhausted she falls to the ground remembering her happiest moments with chris her children put a blanket on her and clean up their home they apologize to her emotional sarah tells them that they’re old enough to hear the true story behind their life in captivity so far they knew that dawn lives upstairs with their aunt irene to help take care of thomas sick of all the lies she tells them everything starting from the fact that her life is the inspiration of their favorite bedtime story gently she explains that don is her dad as well as their dad the moment murray finds out the painful truth she has a severe asthma attack the children now feel that there is something wrong with them sarah reassures them telling them that she loves them and that dawn is the only one to be blamed a year later another incident occurs between dawn and michael after dawn insults sarah and her appearance the food for the basement is being rationed as dawn is having trouble at work soon he loses his job facing a foreclosure don tries to suffocate the family in the basement he connects the car exhaust fumes with the air vent he gets interrupted by thomas in the garage who unknowingly saves their lives while dawn and his family have a fun barbecue in the yard marie is sick struggling to breathe don refuses to take marie to the hospital sarah begs for his help she promises not to say a word about anything dun agrees michelle is left behind 20 years of captivity have passed and we are now at the beginning of the film when maurice is being rushed to the hospital sarah is extremely worried about marie’s life and feels truly relieved when the doctors save her life when the nurse asks for more medical history she is told that marie is homeschooled and has only been treated with natural remedies sarah slowly scans the hospital seeking a way out but she looks tired and lost in an attempt to escape sarah spills water on the medical forms and separates from don seconds before dawn gets to her sarah reaches the nurse confessing she needs help a police officer goes to talk to don the police arrest him sarah announces this to marie they are safe and free the house is filled with police who free michael as well irene and thomas are devastated when they see michael gasping for air as they take him out of the basement don sees everything from the back of the police vehicle later on during a beautiful summer’s day marie thomas and michael play in the countryside while sarah irene and amy watch over them from the house’s porch marie notices someone coming from the driveway it’s chris he arrives on his motorcycle together with sarah they go for a walk he feels sorry for not trying harder to find her and for believing in her father’s bs story he gives her a gift a pink motorcycle helmet he bought for her at the age of 18 when they were planning to embark on a journey finally happy together they go on their long-awaited motorcycle ride make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you can watch more videos like this thanks for watching

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